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  1. Mar 21,  · Step 1 In a coffee mug, combine Irish cream and Irish whiskey. Fill mug with coffee. Top with a dab of whipped cream and a dash of nutmeg/5(38).
  2. The Irish coffee was created by chef Joe Sheridan in He ran the new restaurant at the Foynes airbase (replaced by nearby Shannon International Airport today) outside of Limerick, Ireland. The story goes that an evening flight returned to the airport after a failed attempt to reach New York during a .
  3. Feb 22,  · Irish coffee is a coffee cocktail with sweetened coffee, Irish whiskey, and whipped cream as its key ingredients. It's cozy, delicious, and incredibly easy to make. First, you'll want to warm the /5(2).
  4. Dec 12,  · Inspiration: The Buena Vista Cafe, San Francisco, California, There are those who wish us to believe the unlikely fact that Irish coffee was invented at Shannon Airport in the s.5/5(1).
  5. Created in to soothe the nerves of cold and weary airline passengers near Limerick, Ireland, Irish coffee has continued to provide warmth and comfort to those, both Irish and those not-so-lucky, ever since. Not reserved just for St. Patrick’s Day, Irish coffee is served on all grand occasions, sad occasions, and whenever you just need a little pick-me-up.
  6. The original Irish Coffee recipe Preheat your Irish coffee glass by filling it with boiling water for 5 seconds, then pour the water out. Add 1 teaspoon of brown sugar and a good measure of Irish whiskey into the warmed glass. Fill the glass to within 1 cm of the brim with hot, strong black coffee.
  7. Feb 02,  · Irish Coffee may not be the first coffee drink with alcohol, but this cocktail has become one of the most famous. Combining coffee with Irish whiskey, brown sugar and lightly whipped cream, Irish Coffee is a hot, creamy classic drink. There are many tall tales about the Irish Coffee’s origins.
  8. Irish Coffee When it comes to coffee drinks, there’s nothing more quintessentially Irish than adding in a little drop of Jameson Irish Whiskey to make a cold winter evening more enjoyable. Whether you’re looking for something tasty on such an occasion or a special St. Patrick’s Day cocktail to celebrate our national day, an Irish coffee is just the brew for you.

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