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  1. Sep 25,  · ‘I Remember’ is a Contemporary R&B Ballad and the 5th song off of Keyshia’s sophomore album ‘Just Like You’ which was released on September 25th, The song officially became the 3rd single off.
  2. Apr 03,  · “I Remember” by rapper and singer Rod Wave is a reflective track down the troublesome childhood he experienced growing up in the projects. From childhood friendships gone .
  3. Aug 17,  · I remember-playing in the luscious grass with all my friends in my class. I remember-the spooky monsters under my bed; Mum and Dad said it was all in my head. I remember-when I grew to be as old as ten, my dad made me a tree-house as my den. I remember-hide-and-seek was the best game, but as we grew up it became so lame. I remember/5(74).
  4. I Remember, I Remember By Thomas Hood About this Poet An editor, publisher, poet, and humorist, Thomas Hood was born in London, the son of a bookseller. After his father died in , Hood worked in a countinghouse until illness forced him to move to Dundee, Scotland, to recover with relatives.
  5. I remember when we rushed towards Konigsberg; our battalion travelled in a marching column on a highway. There was a slope on one side and a swampy depression on the other, and suddenly we ran into an ambush. German artillery pieces knocked out the lead and last vehicles from the mound, but we began to disperse and fire back.
  6. Jan 25,  · In an interview with DJ Vlad, Quando revealed that he wrote “I Remember” while he was in county jail serving time for a gun charge. Once he was released, he posted a .
  7. In a book which uniquely captures 's America, Brainard constructs the story of his life through a series of brief entries, each beginning with the words "I remember", and continues with observations about family, film stars, lust, and the astonishing New York /5.
  8. I Remember is a small book, pages of statements all beginning with "I remember." Joe Brainard was born in He was a painter and artist, and this little book is an art piece itself/5(32).

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